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Advanced Diploma of Interpreting

PSP60922 - Advanced Diploma of Interpreting
Course Overview
The Advanced Diploma of Interpreting prepares interpreters for work in all community, business and diplomatic domains, interpreting content that may not easily be predicted or planned for or that may require a high level of subject knowledge, or intense assignment specific preparation.
The community, business and diplomatic domains may include health and welfare, policing and courts, formal immigration hearings, education, the media, commerce, government and international relations, professional sectors such as the law, technology and science, and assignments involving formality, or participants with high status where the consequences of errors in communicative intent can have significant implications.
NAATI Certification
A Certified Interpreter transfers complex, non-specialised messages from a source language into a target language that accurately reflects the meaning.
Upon successfully completing the course, students who is a current Certified Provisional Interpreter will be eligible to sit in the Certified Interpreter test provided by NAATI.
Certification test (Certified Interpreter):click here
Study Modes
  • Face-to-face classroom-based learning
  • Practical training and assessment in Babel International College
  • Distance learning and assessment
Course Content
Code Unit Name  Core/Electives
PSPTIS131 Interpret in complex dialogue settings Core
PSPTIS132 Interpret in complex monologue settings Core
PSPTIS133 Interpret through communication media Core
PSPTIS134 Manage interactions in complex settings Core
PSPTIS135 Sight translate Core
PSPTIS136 Use complex subject area terminology in two languages Core
PSPTIS145 Apply codes and standards to professional judgement Core
PSPTIS146 Negotiate translating or interpreting assignments Core
PSPTIS149 Apply theories to interpreting work practices Core
PSPTIS137 Use chuchotage (whispered simultaneous) to interpret Electives
PSPTIS138 Use note taking to recall and reproduce source messages Electives
PSPTIS139 Demonstrate complex LOTE proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts Electives
PSPTIS140 Demonstrate complex English proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts Electives
PSPTIS103 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments Electives
PSPTIS143 Use complex health terminology in two languages Electives
PSPTIS144 Use complex legal terminology in two languages Electives

Course Entry Requirements:
- Age 18 or above
- Completion of Year 12 or above
- IELTS overall band 6 or equivalent
Refund and Cancellation Policy
Domestic Student: Click Here
International Student: Click Here
Recognition of Prior Learning:
Recognition is available (on application) to students with prior skills, experience, knowledge or qualifications obtained from formal studies or training, in a related area. Recognition may reduce the duration of your studies.

Duration: 52 weeks (Including 12 weeks of holidays) Domestic Student Fees:
  • Tuition fee: $5,211
  • Resources fee: $100
26/08/2023, 24/02/2024, 24/08/2024

Duration: 52 weeks (Including 12 weeks of holidays) International Student Fees:
  • Tuition fee: $13,799
  • Application fee: $200
  • Resources fee: $100
26/08/2023, 24/02/2024, 24/08/2024
CRICOS Code: 113233K