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Diploma of Interpreting

PSP50922 Diploma of Interpreting
Course Overview
The Diploma of Interpreting prepares interpreters for work typically in the community and business domains, including sectors such as general health, welfare and community services, educational and social contexts, and tourism. It also includes interactions such as initial police interviews, over the counter interviews in customer and community information services, non-complex disability assistance, and other informal business and workplace interactions. The interpreting takes place where miscommunication or the consequences of errors in communicative intent can be readily managed through consultation and preparation, and where there are opportunities for error correction.
NAATI Certification
Certified Provisional Interpreters transfer non-complex, non-specialised messages from a source language into a target language that accurately reflects the meaning.
Upon successfully completing the course, students will be eligible to sit in the Certified Provisional Interpreter test provided by NAATI.
Certification test (Certified Provisional Interpreter): Click Here

Study Modes
  • Face-to-face classroom-based learning
  • Practical training and assessment in Babel International College
  • Distance learning and assessment
Course Content
Students must successfully complete the following units:               
PSPTIS102 Apply codes and standards to ethical practice Core
PSPTIS104 Prepare to translate or interpret Core
PSPTIS112 Interpret in general dialogue settings Core
PSPTIS114 Manage interactions in general settings Core
PSPTIS115 Use routine subject area terminology in two languages Core
PSPTIS103 Build glossaries for translating and interpreting assignments Electives
PSPTIS116 Demonstrate routine language proficiency in different subjects and cultural contexts Electives
PSPTIS118 Use routine health terminology in two languages Electives
PSPTIS113 Interpret in general monologue settings Electives
PSPTIS133 Interpret through communication media Electives
PSPTIS135 Sight translate Electives
PSPTIS105 Conduct career planning Electives
Course Entry Requirements:
- Age 18 or above
- Completion of Year 12 or above
- Language Proficiency Requirement:
  IELTS overall band 6 or equivalent
Government-funded Students:
You may be eligible for a funded course at Babel International College if you are:
  • an Australian citizen; or a permanent visa holder;
  • holders of a sub-class 309, 444, 785, 790, or 820 visa; secondary holders of a temporary visa of sub-class 457or 482 visa, holders of a Bridging Visa E (subclasses 050 and 051) where the visa holder has made a valid application for a visa of subclass 785 or 790, Ukraine citizens who are holders of a visa sub-class 449 or 786, Afghan citizens who are holders of a visa sub-class 449, or holders of a bridging visa who are eligible to work and who have made a valid application for a subclass 866; and
  • a resident of Western Australia

Duration: 26 weeks (Including 6 weeks of holidays) Domestic Student Fees:
  • Tuition fee: $3155.55
  • Resources fee: $100
2024 Intakes:
24/02/2024, 27/04/2024, 08/06/2024, 24/08/2024, 26/10/2024, 07/12/2024

Duration: 26 weeks (Including 6 weeks of holidays) International Student Fees:
  • Tuition fee: from $6,799
  • Application fee: $200
  • Resources fee: $100
24/02/2024, 27/04/2024, 08/06/2024, 24/08/2024, 26/10/2024, 07/12/2024
CRICOS Code: 113232M