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PTE (Pearson Test of English Academic) Course
What is PTE Academic Exam?
The PTE Academic exam is the world’s leading computer-based English language test accepted by universities, colleges and governments around the world. The test result is generally available within five business days. The PTE test can be used as evidence of your English proficiency for university or college admissions or for visa applications.
Why choose PTE?
Fast results: Results are typically available within five business days. Plus, you can book your test as little as 24 hours in advance.
Less stress: Choose a better test experience with our two-hour computer-based exam, friendly test environment, and easy booking.
Complete preparation: Build confidence for test day with our mix of preparation packages, scored practice tests, and free resources.
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Why choose BIC as PTE preparation provider?
The Babel International College has well established reputation in delivering language courses. Our experienced teaching staff has consistently delivered excellent outcomes for students to choose study with BIC. BIC also provides a flexible schedule to adapt the needs of different students.
What do we offer?
  1. 10 Hours Crash Course: It covers the necessary test skills for speaking, writing, reading, and listening (recommended for those with good English skills or who require a score below 65).
  2. 15 Hours Intensive Course: It covers the necessary test skills and advances the techniques for speaking, writing, reading, and listening (recommended for students requiring a score higher than 65).
  3. One-to-one VIP Course: Customised and personalised course based on the student’s needs and aims.
  4. Private material: material includes official books, simulation practice software, full-mark template, predicated questions. You only need to prepare booklets and pens.
  5. Supervised study under multiple tutors: there will be homework at end of the day. Tutor will encourage students to finish on time and they will also mark and provide feedback on the homework.
  6. Streamlined preparation process: pre-class study; dedicated class hours; after class 1:1 helps; in-class mock exam & analysis.
  7. Mock exam: will need to purchase PTE official mock exam material: 33AUD/per time.
  8. Free simulation room
  9. Free helps from locals 2x week to correct/improve pronunciation.
  10. Flexible class schedule: if any clash in the class schedule, arranges can be made to allow swapping classes.
Type Price
10 Hours Crash Course AUD 699
15 Hours Intensive Course AUD 999
One-to-one VIP Course 100 AUD/HR